Dialogue is more than a tool or technique, it is an orientation to leadership and a keystone for innovation and system change.

There is an emerging common sense that the pace and complexity of issues facing business and policy is accelerating and, at the same time, familiar methods are proving insufficient to genuinely transform these challenges.

We draw on work with thought leaders, practitioners and pioneering agents of change who are meeting the complex adaptive problems of the 21st Century.

The Centre for Dialogue is a resource for leaders, groups, private and public sector organisations. We’re developing a range of core offers:

  • Collaborative leadership programs for individuals and teams
  • Capability development for practitioners
  • Consulting services for organisations
  • Convening and hosting of dialogues
  • Research and documentation of successful prototypes
  • Internal support to the University

If you wish to learn more of the Centre’s activities and how you can participate, as we move past this initiatory phase, please contact us here

We look forward to supporting you improve the systems you live and work in.

Bradley Chenoweth

The Centre for Dialogue at ANU















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